You may know the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, lots of exercise, and no smoking. These are the basics, but with health it is like muscle training: In addition to the basics, the fine tuning has to be right, because that’s just as important. Here are the 10 best health tips for everyday life:

Health Tip 1: masturbate regularly

Take your health into your own hands: When you feel stressed out, masturbating can help you come down, says American psychotherapist Paul Hokemeyer. Orgasm releases many feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin, which are particularly good at relaxing us. Nice side effect: Regular masturbation also reduces prostate cancer risk.

Health Tip 2: conscious breathing

Try your next endurance or strength training to breathe through the nose for the first 10 minutes, advises Nathan Helmig, head coach at  therunexperience.com . The reduced oxygen supply forces you to use your diaphragm fully and breathe much deeper than usual. This technique also works great when you are stressed: Slowly slow your breath and focus on how your body relaxes and you slowly come back down.

Health Tip 3: Talk openly about diseases

Four out of five men do not talk to others about their sexual health or any other health problem. As a result, many do not even want to know what diseases they may have or are susceptible to for genetic reasons. But it’s important to have these conversations, says US urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt: Inquire about heritable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer in the family. Talk to your partner about sexually transmitted diseases that they both may or may not have. Only if you have an overview of how healthy you are and what risks you can expect can you effectively prevent and react in good time.

Health Tip 4: make your heart beat faster

Your heart needs regular care and training to make it as long and fit as possible. 30-40 minutes of exercise on most days of the week are ideal, says US cardiologist Prediman K. Shah of the University of California at Los Angeles. Also twice a week strength training with weights should be there. If you want to reduce your stress, try yoga. This not only trains the body, but also verifiably relieves stress, which is still partly responsible for the six most common causes of death.

Health Tip 5: Eat More Fiber

On average, men consume less than half of the recommended fiber per day (30 to 38 grams), which can be a health problem because fiber helps to keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control. In addition, they protect us from heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Gastroenterologist Akash Goel of the Presbyterian Hospital in New York therefore strongly advises to bring more fiber to the table. His tip: Simply put more vegetables, whole grains and legumes such as beans, peas and lentils in the trolley in the car. Because once the food is at home, it is more likely that it will be eaten.

Health Tip 6: Take a vacation

Performance is like a muscle: if you keep it tense for too long, it becomes weaker and weaker. That’s why we need a regular vacation: it improves sleep and creativity, reduces stress and inflammation in the body, supports the immune system and brings us back in touch with family or close friends. There is no better drug in the world that can change every fiber of our body as dramatically as positively as vacation, says psychologist and behavioral scientist Murali Doraiswamy from Duke University in Durham, USA.

Health Tip 8: go for a walk regularly

It’s best to do it every day after eating for 30-60 minutes, because that keeps blood sugar levels down and helps keep weight off, says US physician Spencer Nadolsky, who specializes in the fight against obesity. Studies also show that walking curbs appetite, improves sleep and even helps with stress. Even though it’s not a great workout, more calories are burned while walking than sitting on the couch. And who knows, maybe walking out of jogging will eventually start?

Health Tip 9: eat a handful of walnuts

Small snacks throughout the day are perfect for staying active, getting essential nutrients, and avoiding cravings, says US physiologist and fitness expert Jim White of Virginia Beach, USA. His advice: take a snack of about 100 to 200 calories two to three times a day and look for a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Walnuts, for example, are ideal: in 30 grams are whopping 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber and the highest number of vegetable omega-3 fatty acids compared to other nuts.

Health Tip 10: Maintain relationships

Canadian relationship expert Sarah Hunter Murray knows that well-groomed friendships and relationships are the nuts and bolts of a happy life. Because if a relationship works well, then it works like a buffer for our everyday stress. If, on the other hand, it runs bad, the opposite effect occurs. Murray therefore advises to talk openly and often about personal problems. It does not matter if it’s about family, friendships or partnership. However, you should not turn a mosquito into an elephant. Leave it at the big, really serious worries. Anyone who talks about loads immediately feels lighter, less stressed and generally better.

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