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Best Health & Fitness Tips For Men

Best Health & Fitness Tips For Men

Broadly speaking, prevention of health does not look at men and women. But in men, a number of chronic diseases can be experienced due to lifestyle or genes. 

According to American Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other leading institutions, diseases such as heart disease, cancer, lower chronic respiratory disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and suicide are the main causes of death among men.Even so, according to holistic nutrition therapy, Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain there are some tips that men can do to prevent disease.

1. Eat healthy

Nutritious food will reduce the risk of certain diseases. Include vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products on each of your menus.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity or being overweight can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. So find out if your abdominal circumference is more than 90 cm and make sure your body mass index (BMI) does not exceed the ideal size. 

3. Move

Usually, men have no difficulty doing physical activity. It’s just that the intensity needs to be done more regularly. 

4. Quit smoking

Smoking is a major cause of death, such as stroke, lung disease and cancer. Also, make sure you keep away from passive smoking.

5. Perform routine checks

Always screen for a number of conditions and diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, high cholesterol, certain types of cancer and hypertension.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is synonymous with the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, psychological problems and accidents.

7. Manage stress

It is important to protect your physical and mental health by managing stress. Look for healthy choices to help you deal with stress.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect your mood and your health. Sleep apnea, for example, is a common problem that causes your breathing to stop instantly and can endanger the heart. Check with your doctor if you have symptoms of insomnia. 

9. Know the risk

Learn how your lifestyle affects the risk of health problems. For example, men who work with certain chemicals, you need to take protective measures such as tracking a family health history or consulting any problems experienced with a doctor.

10. Find safe

Safety can mean wearing a helmet, seat belt, applying safety in the workplace and using protection during sex, wearing sunscreen, washing your hands regularly and taking care of your teeth.

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