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21 Types of “Mandatory Foods” for Men To Be Healthier

21 Types of “Mandatory Foods” for Men To Be Healthier

For men , eating the same food with a partner may not always make the body fit and healthy. Because, men and women need different nutrients, so that their bodies function properly. Similarly, the health risks for men and women vary greatly in their differences. So, it is important to consider, that men must determine the best diet that may be different from women. Furthermore, nutritionists from Bangalore, India, doctor Anju Sood elaborated on the fundamental differences between men and women. “The main difference between the male and female body is that the muscle mass in the male body is higher than in the female.”

21 types of food that must be consumed by men in daily food, so they can be stronger and healthier. 

1. Almond Almonds are known to be loaded with protein. Almonds are one of the most nutritious snacks for men. Make sure you chew at least 8-10 almonds every day.

2. Soybeans Soybeans are known to be rich in iron and calcium, which helps increase or improve bone strength.

3. Tomatoes Tomatoes contain potassium, vitamin C, and fiber, which are useful for maintaining heart health.

4. Pistachio This type of bean is a healthy “snacking” alternative. Because, pistachios provide the necessary protein. This food is also known to be good for the heart and helps reduce bad cholesterol .

5.  Cabbage is known to contain vitamin K and cholesterol-free. It is good to add cabbage cuts into the salad in the evening meal.

6. Orange The content of Vitamin B-9 in oranges is very high. A glass of fresh orange juice can help improve blood flow in the body.

7. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes help increase immunity due to high concentrations of vitamin A.

8. Beans Rich in dietary fiber, beans encourage healthy digestion among men. This ingredient is also rich in vitamin B6.

9. Kiwi Containing vitamin C, kiwi is very important for healthy blood flow and also helps fight anxiety in men.

10. Sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds provide the body of Vitamin E that serves as an antioxidant and against the free radicals causing the disease.

11. Mustar  Moster or mustard  is one of the spices derived from the seeds of a mustard plant. Mustard seeds help reduce weight, because of the high content of folate in them. Using mustard oil to cook food everyday is also a good idea, because it really helps the liver work.

12. Watermelon Watermelon contains potassium and as such, is able to help increase energy. This fruit is also rich in lycopene (the pigment that gives color) which is known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

13. Put Cashew nuts are a rich source of magnesium, to help maintain muscle in the body.

14. Lentil Lentil or lentil is a type of soft beans commonly used in dry form. Unlike most other types of beans in the family of beans, lentils do not need to be soaked or cooked before cooking. These nuts are full of carbohydrates and protein, which provide energy for daily activities.

15. Cottage cheese Cottage cheese is a soft cheese made from yogurt , and has a sour taste. These foods contain casein and whey protein which help increase muscle strength.

16. Broccoli Loaded with vitamin C, broccoli helps build and strengthen the immune system.

17. Coconut Containing lauric acid, coconut helps increase good cholesterol in the body.

18. Garlic Garlic is rich in allicin which is a great antioxidant and anti-bacterial. It helps in increasing immunity among men, and helps reduce the risk of stroke.

19. Olive oil Olive oil contains monounsaturated and mild fats. This content is known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

20. Spinach Popeye’s cartoon character likes spinach. And, all men should do the same.  Spinach is known to have iron, vitamin K and fiber. Spinach also contains a lot of beta-carotene (vitamin A) which is important for vision.

21. Good With high zinc content, pumpkin helps increase bone density and strength. Thus, by following a healthy daily diet, the miracle of health and your overall life will be maintained in the long run.

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