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7 Exercise Solutions for How to Build Muscles If You Are Thin

7 Exercise Solutions for How to Build Muscles If You Are Thin


When compared with obesity or obesity a thin body is more proud for some men. But if it’s too thin or thin it might not be liked.A thin body does not mean that it is not muscular or does not look fit, so if you are a man with a thin body, maybe you should shape your muscles so they look more ideal and healthy. Best exercises that can form muscles for thin people.

1. Weight Lifting Exercises

If you train your muscles regularly not only will shape your muscles, but it is also a good exercise for the lungs and your body’s endurance is more awake. This is because with regular weight training, we make breathing exercises that are quite good. Our bodies will get used to the pattern of weight training as a relaxation pattern that is good for the lungs and at the same time forming good muscles. But the problem with most thin men is that they can’t lift heavy loads that build significant muscle

The solution might be to choose or hire a trainer in a fitness center that helps to build muscle quickly. This exercise is usually done with barbells of various sets with a fairly light load first, and for the next set is used a heavy load, this gradual technique can help you avoid sprains or incorrect muscle placement due to overload.

2. Mix It Up

Although exercise training such as push-ups, sit-ups and jogging is more intended for those who are obese to burn fat and less effective for forming muscles, but this exercise provides the initial foundation for muscle formation. When done regularly and combined with weight training, you can get perfect muscle formation.

3. Meat Consumption

Some of us are familiar with the benefits of meat to build muscle. Meat has fiber which is truncated from protein, fat and growth hormone which can help accelerate growth. You do need protein from vegetables but there are some substances in meat that you can’t get from vegetables. As much as possible you combine vegetables and meat, of course with an amount that is not excessive.

4. High Protein Consumption

According to research you need to consume about 1.1 grams of protin for 1 kg of your weight to maintain muscle mass. Whereas for forming muscle, it needs 1.4 grams. While to increase the body’s metabolism, 500 to 1000 calories are needed.

In short, the amount of food consumed and protein can increase testosterone, including beef, eggs, and foods from the sea. You can also consume garlic and broccoli, besides being low in calories, it also supports increasing testosterone.

5. Amino Acid Consumption

A big secret among bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts is a type of supplement called amino acids or branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which is a content to block proteins that are easily absorbed and can form muscles quickly. Besides being cheap, amino acids are easily found and can be consumed. This nutrient can provide a significant contribution if exercise is also carried out and a regular diet with healthy menus. By not consuming excessively but more regularly, you can get perfect muscle tone.

6. Regular eating

Weight training means burning carbohydrates with a fairly high amount. Therefore, you cannot practice muscle building without eating first. You need about 300-600 calories from carbohydrate-containing foods two to three hours before muscle building exercise or exercise. Foods with high carbohydrate content can be found in sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice or other healthy carbohydrate sources.

If you eat after exercise, you will get muscle faster, because your muscles will quickly absorb sugar faster after exercise. Also, dividing your protein intake by 20-25 grams regularly throughout the day will be far more effective in building muscle, compared to large amounts of protein intake in the morning or evening.

7. Consume supplements

Usually, you can get all the nutrients from the food you consume, the vitamins and minerals you need. But if you try to form a muscle and body that is more full, especially if you do regular exercise or exercise, then you need an intake other than food, you will need help from supplements. To produce muscle and ideal body formation, exercise and food are important factors for you. However, supplemental intake is also very supportive. Some of the ingredients that you can get by taking supplements will help improve muscle formation.


Noteworthy in carrying out the tips above, you can first be a nutritionist to be able to better manage your intake for better muscle formation and body. This can be a major factor, too, to hook your dream woman. By looking fresher and fitter, even a more athletic appearance can be a special attraction for women. So, are you ready to build muscle?

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